A young warrior from a small village, Timothy has faced many dangers to fulfill his goal to arrive at the Imperial City in order to train to become a Knight of the Way. Along his journey, he has proven himself to be quick-thinking, brave, and loyal. Even though the people of his village do not approve of Timothy's desire, he hopes to one day return as a full-fledged knight.
Captain Kanika, a dedicated Knight of the Way, met Timothy while on patrol near his village. They quickly became friends and when Kanika saw Timothy's natural talent and skills in dealing with difficult and dangerous situations, she invited him to join her on her way back to the Imperial City so he could receive the proper training to become a knight.
Even to his friends, very little is known about this tough wandering adventurer from the Northern Mountains. Although he has great strength, Bernard tends to jump into action before thinking things all the way through. Despite his recklessness, he has been a steady companion and a good friend to Timothy since they met and began their journey to the Imperial City.
The war of the dragons against the Emperor and his Knights of the Way has raged on for centuries, long before anyone can remember. Several decades ago the Knights were able to drive most of the dragons into the cold wastes of the North. But the dragons have become much more active than usual lately, and their appearances have been increasing throughout the land.